Lending Library

Lending Library


Our Group Library is a collection of books on topics of interest to nursing mothers.  Books are loaned for a period of one month and expected to be returned in time for the next month’s meeting.  Since transporting the entire library has become an unwieldy task, we ask that you contact a Leader and the book you request will be made available to you at the next scheduled meeting.



The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, La Leche League International, 2008, Combines helpful breastfeeding information with stories from moms across the world.  Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about breastfeeding and parenting is detailed.


The Breastfeeding Café, Barbara L. Behrman, 2005, Mothers share the joys, challenges and secrets of breastfeeding.


How Weaning Happens, Diane Bengson, 1999, Covers a variety of questions and myths about weaning and extended breastfeeding and emphasizes that weaning is a natural process that doesn’t have to be a stressful event for mother or child.


Mothering Your Nursing Toddler, Norma Jean Bumgarner,2003, Author puts the experience of nursing an older baby or child into perspective.  She cites a variety of evidence in support of extended breastfeeding and shares stories from families for whom breastfeeding and natural weaning have been the norm.


The Nursing Mother’s Companion, Kathleen Huggins, 1990


The Nursing Mother’s Guide to Weaning, Kathleen Huggins&Linda Ziedrich,1994


Bestfeeding, Mary Renfew-Chloe Fisher-Suzanne Arms,1990, Getting breastfeeding right for you.


Special Circumstances


Adventures In Tandem Nursing, Hilary Flower,2003, Breastfeeding during pregnancy and beyond.


Mothering Multiples, Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, 2007, All aspects of caring for multiple babies are addressed in this book, including possible complications of pregnancy, preparing for birth, establishing a milk supply and more.


Herkani’s Daughters, edited by Jennifer Hicks,2007,Tips and stories of modern, EMPLOYED mothers who have overcome various obstacles to continue breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding An Adopted Baby and Relactation, Elizabeth Hormann,2006, Topics include preparation for adoptive breastfeeding, substances that stimulate milk production, beginning breastfeeding with an adopted baby and sources of support.


The Best You Can Do to Help Your Preterm Infant, Susan Ludington-Hoe with Susan     Galant,1993


Come Home to Your Children, Frank and Ayesha Jones,1997, How families can survive and thrive on one income.


Defining Your Own Success, Diana West,IBCLC,2002,Breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery.    (2 copies avail.)


Mother Care


The Breast Book,Dr, Miriam Sloppard,1996, The essential guide to breast care and breast health for women of all ages.


The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood, Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett,PH.D,2005,Coping with mothering stress, depression and burnout.




Motherwise,Alice Bolster,1997,101tips for a new mother   (2 copies avail)


Adventures in Gentle Discipline, Hilary Flower,2005, Encourages parents to find ways to make gentle discipline work for their family.  


Listening to Your Baby, Jay Gordon MD,2002, A new approach to parenting your newborn.


Parenting From Your Heart,Inbal Kashtan,2003, Sharing the Gifts of Compassion,Connection and Choice.


Raising Children Compassionately:Parenting the Nonviolent Communication Way,Marshall Rosenberg,2000


Nonviolent Communication:A Language of Life, Marshall Rosenberg,2003


Love and Anger:The Parental Dilemna,Nancy Samalin with Catherine Whitney,1991


25 Things Every New Mother Should Know,Martha Sears RN and William Sears MD,1995


Becoming A Father, William Sears, 2003, A guide to making wise investments in family; details how to weather the changes that pregnancy, breastfeeding and children bring to a marriage.




Active Birth, Janet Balaskas, 1992, Fully illustrated and carefully documented book written for women who want to grow in self-awareness and use their bodies actively in labor.  Author encourages women to develop all of their bodily resources for giving birth, to follow their own instincts, and to take more control over the experience of giving birth,  (2 copies avail.)


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Ina May Gaskin, 2003, Birthing stories and the essentials of birth.


Spiritual Midwifery, Ina May Gaskin,2002 (4

edition), Birthing stories, preparation for birth, pre-natal and follow-up care of the mother and newborn.


A Good Birth A Safe Birth, Diana Korte & Robert Scaer, 1992, Choosing and having the childbirth experience you want.  Tackles the pros and cons of today’s childbirth options while taking the reader through each step of pregnancy; explores the various childbirth environments, teaches expectant parents how to ensure their wishes be followed, and discusses the use of medication and painkillers.


Year of Birth, Robbie Snow & John Milder,1990, A month-by-month companion to pregnancy, birth and the first three months of infancy.




My Child Won’t Eat, Carlos Gonzalez MD, 2005, How to prevent and solve the problem.


Whole Foods For Babies and Toddlers, Margaret Kenda, 2001


Children’s Books


The Biggest Bed In the World, Lindsay Camp, 1999, Dad builds the biggest bed to accommodate the co-sleeping family.  Fun pictures.


Maggie’s Weaning, Mary Joan Deutschbein, 1993, A little girl explains how she’s grown past the breastfeeding relationship, how she was breastfed as a baby, and how her baby sister now breastfeeds.


I Love My Baby Sister (Most of the Time), Elaine Edelman, 1984, Child’s feelings with new sibling in family.


Becoming, Eleanora Faison, 1976, Focuses on the changes a baby goes through from conception to birth.  Material can be related to children’s interests even if this means skipping some pages.


My Body Is Private, Linda Girard, 1984, Introduces the topic of sexual abuse and ways to keep one’s body private.


You’re Just What I Need, Ruth Krauss, 1951.1979, As a child hides beneath a blanket, Mother playfully wonders if the bundle could be anything she needs.


I’m Made of Mama’s Milk, Mary Olsen, 2001, A nursling’s celebration of the joys of breastfeeding.


Michelle: The Nursing Toddler, Jane Pinczuk, 1998, A story about sharing love.


Baby On the Way, William Sears,MD, Martha Sears,RN,2001, Helps children and their parents lovingly prepare for the newest member of the family.


My Mama Needs Me, Mildred Walter, 1983, Jason wants to help, but isn’t sure that his mother needs him at all after she brings home a new baby from the hospital.


Only the Cat Saw, Ashley Wolff, 1985, As the family settles down for the night, the cat wakes up ready to explore.


About La Leche League


The Revolutionaries Wore Pearls, Kaye Lowman,2007, How it all began. Seven women challenged society, changed the culture, and taught the world that babies were born to breastfeed.


Golden Oldies


The following were published before the ‘90s, but content or the work of a particular author may be of interest:


The Tender Gift: Breastfeeding, Dana Raphael, 1976, Mothering the mother-the way to successful breastfeeding.


Motherhood Stress, Deborah Shaw Lewis, 1989


You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, Rahima Baldwin, 1989


The Heart Has Its Own Reasons, Mary Ann Cahill, 1983, Mothering wisdom for the 80s.


Siblings Without Rivalry, Adele Faber & E, Mazlish,1987, How to help your children live together so you can live too.


A Special Kind of Parenting, Julia Good and Joyce Good Reis, 1985, Meeting the needs of children with handicapping conditions.


Raising Your Child To Be A Mensch*, Neil Karshan 1987, *Decent, caring, responsible person.


Of Cradles and Careers, Kaye Lowman, 1984, A guide to reshaping your job to include a baby in your life.   (2 copies avail)


Nighttime Parenting, William Sears,MD, 1985, How to get your baby/child to sleep.


Growing Together, William Sears,MD, 1987, A parent’s guide to baby’s first year.


Safe and Healthy, William Sears,MD, 1989, A parent’s guide to children’s illnesses and accidents.


Early Fatherhood Development, Jeff Yoder, 1988, A humorous look at becoming a father.


Home Birth: An Invitation and a Guide, Alice Gilgoff, 1989


Having A Cesarean Baby, Richard Hausknecht,MD and Joan Heilman, 1978, “The mother’s complete guide for a happy and safe cesarean childbirth experience.”


Sense and Sensibility in Childbirth, Judith Herzfeld,PhD, 1985, A guide to supportive obstetrical care.


Birthing:Making the Right Choices, International Learning Institute, 1986, Includes four cassette tapes and 24 page resource book.


Mind Over Labor, Carl Jones, 1987, Using mental imagery during pregnancy and labor to reduce fear and pain, relying on inner resources rather than a rigid technique.  Recommended for mothers with negative feelings about previous births, as well as for first-time mothers.


Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, Susan McCutcheon, 1984


The Home Birth Book, Charlotte and Fred Ward, 1976


Mother’s In the Kitchen,  the LLL cookbook, 1971


Healthy Snacks For Kids, Penny Warner, 1989